The last time I published an article was 2 years ago. Writing takes time and intellectual labor and it hasn’t been a priority lately. The reason I used to write is that it made me feel like I was creating something from nothing. The hard work it required appeared as some sort of a guarantee of scarcity. If I didn’t write, maybe something like that wouldn’t have existed at all.

Recently, it seems like the necessity of ‘hard work’ is no longer there. With good prompts, AI models such as ChatGPT can produce writings of astonishing quality. Those articles are engaging, persuasive, and quite human-like. So what more can I offer? hopefully not just a bunch of wasted keystrokes.

I’ve heard this argument that a characteristic of human writing is it may not be as perfect as articles written by AI models. There are some distinct flaws in human narration that you can ‘feel’. A way of telling a story that didn’t exist before, breaking existing rules. Are such flaws elusive enough that they can withstand the onslaught of the machines?

Will a sufficiently capable Artificial Intelligence with appropriate prompts produce an article just like this? How could we be even sure that this very piece is not already written by one? I hope you can, even without the pretext, feel that it’s written by a person